Founded in 1992
Kazakhstan Beverage Company
Kazakhstan Beverage Company


The interest area for Kazakhstan Beverage Company is to distribute about a hundred wine, vodka and whiskey brands from all over the world as well as a wide range of bottled and tap beer brands and natural table water. We own 3,200 commercial spots on Kazakhstan’s On-Trade channel and 630 spots on the Off-Trade channel (RKA).

Our main partners are InBev, the world's leading producer of high-quality beer in Belgium and Germany, Antinori and Cordier-Mesterizat, Italian and French masters of wine making. We also represent the products of world-known companies Spadel Group and VOSS of Norway.

Before presenting a new brand on the Kazakhstan market, our experts examine its quality in detail, and our managers research the needs of the target group. Thanks to innovative marketing technologies, rational logistics and excellent management we are able to constantly extend our product line.